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      Mr. Harris has handled workers compensation cases since he began practicing in 1979.

     The workers Compensation Commission of Virginia has a fairly good web site.
www.vwc.va.us.  Reprinted below is the  Employee's Guide taken from the Commission's web page.  It provides a very general overview.  As soon as reasonably possible, an injured worker should consult counsel and do so before speaking to the insurance company.  The worker's compensation insurance company is not the friend of the injured worker.  They are the adversary and that should always be kept in mind.

     Often the insurance company will bring in a "nurse case manager" or rehabilitation nurse who may claim that they are their to help the worker.  They are hired by the insurance company to save the insurance company money.  Their job usually is to persuade the doctor to stop treating the worker or to provide the most conservative and least expensive treatment possible.  For this and many other reasons, it is imperative that counsel be consulted.

     Attorney's fees in these cases is the responsibility of the worker but they are regulated by the Commission which must approve any attorney's fee before it is paid.  Often the fee is paid directly from the insurance company out of moneys owed to the worker.  So no injured worker should be without an attorney because of a lack of immediate access to funds.  The employer does not pay the attorney's fees, it is paid from the worker's money usually after a hearing or settlement.

Employee Guide 
(Reprint form the Workers Compensation Commission)



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